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We are here to help your patients

Whether you prefer writing an email or getting on the phone, our team will help address your questions. We’re confident we have the right partner for you—whether you choose to self-service using our website or get a little guidance from our Care Coordinators.

Our referral process

Same-week Availability

Once referred, a Care Coordinator will reach out to your patient within 24 hours and speak to them within 48 hours. Your patient can receive care within one week of your referral.


Our Care Coordination Team is a resource for your patients at every step of the way. They can answer any questions about starting therapy, scheduling appointments, and ensuring that their therapist is a great fit. Our Care Coordinators take the complexity out of getting care, so your patients can focus on their care journey.

and Matching

Our Care Coordination Team will work to understand your patient’s goals and preferences. We’ll then match your patient with the best therapist given their needs.

Referring provider FAQs

Are you accepting new patients?
Can I collaborate on the care of a shared patient?
How does your matching work?
I’d love to learn more and meet with your clinical team. Is that possible?

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