Site Supervisor

Unique Financial and Supervisory Group Practice Opportunity: are you a solo practitioner who has been considering hiring additional therapists because you want to explore supervising and increasing your income but not your client caseload?  

Resilience Lab is expanding and looking for seasoned therapists who love to teach and mentor.  We are seeking therapists in Manhattan and Brooklyn who have available office space, who have a few hours each week to provide clinical supervision, and who want the financial advantages of having your own group practice without the terrifying isolation of being a business owner.

Become a Resilience Lab Supervisor in the comfort of your own office space with the resources and support of the professional learning community of the Resilience Lab. This is ideal for a psychotherapist who has been working in a group practice or independently for 5-plus years, seeing 25-30 clients per week and who feels ready to increase their income but not their client load.  You might have been teaching and want to start supervising but not want the learning curve and expense of hiring clinicians or managing the technology/legal/accounting/marketing aspects of running a business.


Job Description:

There are  opportunities in Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Brooklyn, Union Square, Tribeca, Harlem or Financial District based, licenced therapists (LCSW’s, PsyD’s, PhD’s) who would like to evolve their career from full-time private practice to becoming a member of a peer learning community of psychotherapists that are supervising clinicians, and together changing the way psychotherapy is being practiced in New York.

Having launched one year ago, we are building the largest network of psychotherapy clinics across NYC.  Our goal is to provide the greatest access to the greatest number of New Yorkers of high quality, out-of-network, psychotherapy. We offer psychotherapy that is simple (a location close to the client and easy to find), personalized (a therapist that is matched to the needs of the client and available when needed) and affordable (starting at $100 per session). We currently have four locations in Soho, Bryant Park, FlatIron,  and Chelsea, and we are focusing on opening the next locations by bringing new senior clinicians onto our team.

Each location is organized around one supervisor and 5 clinicians. We offer ongoing evidence-based training, support and supervision to our clinicians. Our practice does not accept in-network insurance but works with clients who have out-of-network benefits and with some sliding scale. Clients are matched to each clinician individually for fit so there is a bit of a build-up period to reach full-time schedule of 25 clients per clinician weekly.

Based in NY, the location of site will be based on the supervisor choice in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The supervisor will report to the Resilience Lab Clinical Director, and will be an Employee or Consultant of Resilience Psychotherapy, PC

For the new supervisors that join us:

  • We provide all the non-clinical infrastructure (EMR system, HIPPA compliant software, billing, web presence and e-marketing).
  • We source and hire five therapists that create the new team working with the supervisor.
  • We provide the clients that are needed to fill the work case of those 5 therapists.

=> this creates a unique learning and mentoring environment as well as significant financial revenue opportunity.

Our college of supervisors currently has 4 members and will be enlarged with our search for new locations. Together:

  • We act as a creative agency serving the needs of our young therapists that we mentor, train and supervise.
  • We act as a learning community of clinicians and are building the largest group practicing and delivering evidence-based therapy based on the most diverse and complementary set of skills and backgrounds.
  • We are building a new brand that clients can trust when looking for the best place in New York to find help and support. Our clients learn the skills they need to master to be their best possible selves.

Psychotherapist skills & requirements:

  • Graduation from an accredited Masters’ program for clinical mental health and passing of the licensing exam (awaiting licensure is required for interview)
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to ongoing self-care
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • At least 5 years of practice

Key Goals and metrics used to measure success:

  • Client engagement and retention
  • Monitoring of goal progress and appropriate termination with clients
  • Reporting and governance


Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Select, hire and manage 5 clinicians under supervision in coordination with clinical director.
  • Undergo supervision with a Clinical Director in order to reflect on Clinicians under supervision, and to raise personal issues and professional concerns arising from work
  • Keep abreast of developments in theory and research
  • Network within the health professional community and other potential business areas to maintain continuity of work and client base
  • Supervise the clinicians’ work (1-5 hours weekly, group & remote supervision options).
    • Clinicians :
    • conduct a series of psychotherapy sessions with clients – normally lasting 45 minutes for individuals and an hour for couples – to assess need, build trust and explore issues, 
    • encourage the client to talk about and explore their feelings, attitudes and behaviors, 
    • run group sessions with people undergoing therapy in a clinical setting (if interested),  
    • help clients to develop strategies for coping with issues and for making positive changes to the way they think and behalf.

For more information or to apply:

email resume and cover letter to